The AMUSF and the consumer

We are the only UK trade association in our sector that requires members to be vetted before becoming eligible to join the AMUSF. Once passed to join they have the right to display the membership crest which gives consumers additional confidence that their work will be to a high standard. They will work with their customers to ensure that their requirements have been fully understood and turned into products that go on to give many year’s good service.

Members will be vigilant in ensuring that any product that they produce will have been made with all relevant safety regulations adhered to. This may be the Fire Safety Regulations for upholstery or the Blind Safety regulations in the soft furnishing world. If you have any queries about these please ask the member for more details.

Image from Hampton Court Interiors Ltd
Image courtesy of Hampton Court Interiors Ltd

Whenever a bespoke item is to be produced or a favourite chair is to be recovered it is important that the consumer and the member fully understand and agree the scope of the work. This is particularly true in upholstery. Consumers should also understand the difference between re-upholstery and re-covering.

  • Re-upholstery usually involves stripping the unit down to just the frame and then building the suspension system, paddings, filling and then top cover back up with new materials. It is perfectly acceptable to re-use existing components, springs for example, where they remain serviceable and an alternative may not be in keeping with the model.
  • Re-covering involves just the replacement of the top fabric of a piece although it is acceptable that small pieces of filling can be replaced.

In those rare instances where there is a dispute between a member and their customer, the Association has a complaints and mediation procedure that helps to keep both sides talking and help them reach an acceptable settlement.