Oakbrook Upholstery

Oakbrook Upholstery
Mr Paul Allen Mr Nick Saint
207 Oakbrook Road, Nether Green, Sheffield, S11 7EB

Oakbrook Upholstery was founded by Paul Allen in 2005.

Paul had been working as a Senior Upholsterer for over 15 years prior to 2005. Paul is supported by a small team of Senior Upholsterers and Seamstresses that bring a combined experience pool of over 100 years.

Oakbrook prides itself in producing the highest quality upholstery in the area whether it be re-upholstery or a new bespoke piece.

New pieces are both high in quality and good value in price when compared to mainstream high-street pieces.

When it comes to the proportions of furniture, Paul has a particular talent in this area, whether it be a new piece or suggesting modifications to a piece to be re-upholstered.

Other than the emphasis on quality, Oakbrook, unusually for most upholsterers, has a vast fabric library which reflects the company’s passion for fabrics. This is also complimented by a wallpaper library which has been built up over the last nine years.