Advertise on the AMUSF website

How are adverts listed with the AMUSF?

  • Every advert will appear, in full, in the Market Place section of our website.
  • In addition – ‘Job Vacancy’, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Sales Promotion’ adverts will have a one-line summary in the monthly e-newsletter with a link to the website listing. This will appear in the first e-newsletter following publication and continue to appear in subsequent e-newsletters for the duration of the listing on the website.
  • Events, Open Days etc. will have the full advert repeated in the e-newsletter. This will appear in the first e-newsletter following publication and continue to appear in subsequent e-newsletters for the duration of the listing on the website.
  • Each advert will be posted on the website for two calendar months before review. If it is a timed promotion or event, then the advert will be removed once the relevant date has been reached. They can stay longer if requested but it then becomes the advertiser’s responsibility to advise when it should be removed but always with a maximum period of six months.

What can you advertise with the AMUSF?

  • Open Days/Events/Presentations etc.
  • Articles for sale – sale promotions, special offers etc.
  • Business for sale
  • Materials for sale.
  • Job seekers/work experience enquiries etc.
  • We will not accept, from any source, advertisements for upholstery or soft furnishings craft training courses which contain all or some elements of our own accredited courses which are delivered by our approved training centres. Complimentary craft courses on topics not within any of our syllabus can be accepted – for example, Car Trimming, Frame restoration, Caning etc.

Who can advertise?

  • Members – full, associate, student and retired.
  • Non- member organisations, businesses, individuals.
  • Ex AMUSF Students may advertise for work experience or employment etc.

What does it cost?

  • Members – full, associate, student and retired. This service is FOC.
  • Non- member organisations, businesses, individuals. £50 + VAT for each advert.
  • Ex AMUSF Students seeking employment or work experience – FOC.
  • Registered Charities – adverts relevant to our craft will be FOC provided they are linked to our sector and in line with the Charities’ objectives.

Advertisements may contain multiple opportunities but must always fall under one heading to be classed as a single advert. Mixing articles for sale and job vacancies would count as two adverts for example.

How do we place the advert?

Send it to us at either as text within the email or as an attached Word document. Please do not send it as a pdf as we have to format and edit during the transfer to the website. If you want a logo or images attached to the advert, then please send that as an attachment and not part of the word document. We may have to limit the number of images if space becomes an issue.

We will advise before publication if we believe the advert breaches age, race or sex discrimination guideline. We reserve the right, at all times, to reject an advert if we believe it falls outside of these guidelines or brings any part of our sector or membership into disrepute.

If a payment is due, then we will call to collect that by Credit or Debit Card before the advert can be placed.

Who will see the advert?

Remember that the audience is primarily the trade itself and therefore any promotions aimed at the general public may not be relevant to this medium. We distribute the newsletter to around 900 people each month and the Market place section of the websites get around 2000 visitors a month.

Policy Review

This policy is subject to review by the Board of the AMUSF at any time. Any revisions will be notified to the membership via the monthly newsletter.

May 2016